Baskerville Capital PLC is a newly-established company incorporated in England and Wales, formed for the purpose of acquiring a company or business with a technology focus that it would develop and grow.

The Directors intend to concentrate on Acquisition opportunities on companies or businesses with a technology focus. That focus may be the result of the target, without limitation, having rights to a new piece of technology that has the potential to disrupt an existing market or as a result of the target developing software that has the potential to be licensed or rolled out on a global basis. The Company at this stage does not have a specific target in the technology space. However, the Company is particularly interested in targets in fin tech, med tech (excluding medical devices), bio tech, information technology and cloud computing. It is anticipated that the target may be valued at between £10 million and £100 million.

The Company’s objective is to generate material returns for Shareholders, predominantly through capital appreciation, by taking advantage of opportunities to invest in the technology sector and operating the company or business it acquires. The Directors are responsible for carrying out this objective, implementing the Company’s business strategy and conducting its overall supervision.

The Directors’ intention is to create a trading business, rather than an investment entity. The Directors consider the potential vendors of target companies or businesses will be attracted by the opportunity to own quoted equity in a London listed company with cash, access to the capital markets and the Director’s experience to develop their business.

The Company’s efforts in identifying a prospective target company or business will not be limited to a particular geographic region except that it will avoid territories with significant geopolitical or economic risks such as certain countries in Africa, the Middle East and former Soviet Union. The likely initial focus will be the UK.

The investment strategy of the Company will be focussed towards the identification and acquisition of a company or business which:

The criteria set out above are not intended to be exhaustive. Any evaluation relating to the merits of a particular Acquisition will be based, to the extent relevant, on the above factors as well as other considerations deemed relevant to the Company’s business objective and strategy by the Directors.

In evaluating a prospect for the Acquisition, the Company expects to carry out an appropriate due diligence review.